About Us

Welcome to The Change In Me Ministries, where we are dedicated to teaching God’s Word in its entirety. Our mission is to explore every facet of blessings, promises and consequences of sins, empowering individuals to navigate the path towards salvation and a life in alignment with divine principles. Through comprehensive teachings, we equip our community to overcome obstacles and embrace the journey to heaven. Join us as we delve into the rich wisdom of scripture, guiding each other towards spiritual growth and fulfillment.

And you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 1:11 NIV

The Pastor


Calvin Levy

Pastor Levy is a dynamic spiritual leader with a passion for both ministry and technology. With over a decade of experience in pastoring, he has dedicated himself to guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys while simultaneously excelling in the field of technology.

His journey into ministry began in 2007 when he felt the call to serve as a pastor. Drawing upon the foundational knowledge of biblical principles instilled in him from childhood at the Holy Tabernacle Church of Jacksonville, Florida, Pastor Levy developed a deep understanding of the Holy Scriptures. His upbringing imbued in him a love for truth and righteousness, principles that continue to shape his ministry today.

In March 2016, Pastor Levy embarked upon a new venture as the founder of Wingu Technology LLC. As an entrepreneur, he recognized the interconnectedness of his work in technology with his faith. He views both endeavors as complementary, each supporting the other in fulfilling God’s calling in his life. Through his business endeavors, Pastor Levy seeks to integrate his values of integrity and service into every aspect of his work, both domestically and internationally.

Throughout his journey, Pastor Levy remains steadfast in his commitment to doing God’s will. He strives to be an example for others, demonstrating righteousness and obedience to the Heavenly Father in all aspects of his life. With fervor and zeal, Pastor Levy continues to teach the Word of God, guiding individuals towards spiritual growth and fulfillment while making a positive impact in the world of technology.


Deliver God’s Word to the masses in an unadulterated, unmolested manner, igniting hearts, transforming lives, and ushering in a revival of faith and purpose in our local communities and across the globe to prepare a people for the return of Jesus.


The Change In Me Ministries works to develop and build local, national and international infrastructures to support individual and community development through spiritual discipline for a better humanity.


Other Locations


123, Dev Plaza, 34th Street, New Delhi, 110011


16 Munique Rd, Birdsville QLD 4482, Australia


5th Floor, St Adams Towers, P. O. Box 1234, Nairobi, Kenya

United States

123 S Westmore Rd, Lombard, IL 60148, United States

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